$16.50 sweater extravaganza

Right now, most people are thinking "spring", but I'm thinking about 25% sales tax and the next who knows how many long, dark winters in Northern Europe after I've sworn for years that I'd move somewhere warm.

Today, sweaters were 50% off at Goodwill, so I stocked up for my new life abroad! New, $16.50 might have bought half of one of these sweaters, maybe not even, and as usual, they're all barely worn, a couple might have never been worn...

This classic LL Bean cotton cable knit crewneck was only $3!

Its colder weather counterpart in lambswool & nylon was also $3!

I call this one my "Joan Holloway sweater" because with high heels and a black pencil skirt, it'll be straight out of Mad Men, and the $3 price tag makes it even more authentic ;)

Abercrombie, $4.50

As soon as I saw it, I knew this $3 sweater was just thing to wear on cool autumn afternoons while pedaling my Pashley to the market, library, etc.

When I divulge my thrift shopping ways, people are usually either repulsed or intrigued. Personally, I don't understand the perceived shame of it, especially since I'm often complimented on my fashion sense, and not counting shoes, most of my outfits cost less than $20.

Buying second hand is better for the environment, plus it supports charity, so shame is a real stretch for me. Buying mostly brand name clothes for dimes on the dollar has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I'd rather put my money into things that matter like a beautiful home, trips, my hobbies, and of course, savings :)

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