state of affairs

Packing has commenced!!! Not exactly the easiest thing less than 2 weeks post-op, but I thought I would be in the US for the month of April, and it turns out, they need me in Denmark in April, so I'm headed back in about 2 weeks and will be there until early May. I'm a complete stress case trying to get everything ready to go!

The moving company is coming next week to survey my belongings, but I still don't actually know myself what I'm planning to bring! I still haven't heard back from the Danish tax office about the cost to register my car, so I can't tell the movers whether or not I need to ship a car, and I don't know if I need to sell one or both of them!!!

Opie still needs to be microchipped, vaccinated, and issued a pet passport. And if at all possible, he needs to lose a few pounds becuase he weighs 18 lbs. and the weight limit for pets traveling in the airplane cabin is 18 lbs. with the carrier. I can't bear the thought of putting him in cargo, nevermind the danger factor!

My work and residence permit application was submitted yesterday. I spent most of Sunday trying to locate my college degree certificate. Yeah, good luck! I found it in a box under a pile of junk in what we call the "scary closet" after going through literally every viable box in the attic!

I also need to find time to shop because everything in DK is taxed at 25% that after I pay close to 45% in income tax, so I'm bringing whatever I can from here, and yes, that includes things like taco seasoning and salsa because it just hurts to pay the equivilent of $3 for a packet of taco seasoning! And things like NyQuil just don't exist over there. Then there's all of the things I've promised my expat friends because it's not often that someone crosses the pond with a shipping container and it's hard living without Dr. Pepper and refried beans!

Then there's still the issue of going to court to get the actual divorce, then the fun of changing my name with social security, DMV, and 1001 other places. That's not to mention the red tape of trying to move to another country and buy property with documents issued in my married name.

Could this get any worse? OK, I'm not even going to ask that, not even rhetorically ;)