spring thrift finds

I feel like Ms. Gloom & Doom lately, so let's lighten things up with one of my favorite topics, thrifted goodness!

I bought these things at the end of last summer and had completely forgotten about them, but we're expecting record high temperatures today and tomorrow, so naturally, I'm excited to change over to my summer wardrobe! Well, that and I shortsightedly left most of my winter clothes in Denmark, so I've really had nothing to wear recently.

I scored these lovely items at Goodwill for $18.96...

This Ann Taylor top was only $3.99!

This is one of those head shop items I wouldn't pay full price for, but at $3.99, why not?

I love the mandarin collar and the Asian inspired buttons! It looks adorable with a black skirt or jeans, and it was only $3.99!!!

As a teeny 5'2" munchkin, maxi dresses are mostly out of my reach, but this one isn't too long, and it was only $6.99. Perfect for summer days at home!

I love that the emphasis on life in Denmark is living well vs. impressing others by consuming. The downside to that is that there are much fewer shopaholics filling the thrift shops with barely worn, brand name clothing. I'm really going to miss American thrift shops :(

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