call me charlotte

Lining up this work and residence permit reminds me of Sex and the City when Charlotte decides to convert to Judaism so she can marry Harry and the rabbi sends her away several times before he'll finally meet with her!

I've completed the 14 page application. I spent my Sunday digging through piles of junk in search of my college degree certificate. I copied all 30+ pages of my passport. I included a passport photo and a copy of my work contract. I checked the application checklist twice and I really, really, really thought I covered all bases.

However, the Danish Consulate called on my way home from work informing me that I needed to also overnight my original passport and money order for $212 before they'll even look at the application.

So, tonight, I was the loser who tore into the post office in a frenzy 5 minutes before closing. I really hate being that person. I was a mess! I was carrying a bubble mailer, my passport, my checkbook, my wallet, a cover letter, my car keys, a sharpie, my Blackberry, a post-it with the address of the Consulate scribbled on it, and a roll of packing tape. My Danish contract starts May 1 and the turnaround time on the application is 4 weeks, so like a good Girl Scout, I brought everything I thought I could possibly need!

They don't accept checks for money orders, who knew? By some miracle, I actually had $220 cash in my wallet, so I was able to get the money order, and charge the overnight fees, but not to my Corporate card because I'm a nomad and had left it in one of my backpacks. But for like 20 minutes, I actually thought I lost my Corporate card somewhere between Copenhagen and the post office!

So, will this be it, or like Charlotte, will they send me away a few more times to see if I'm really serious about moving?

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