riding the bus

I have a love/hate relationship with the bus.

I hate walking (running) to and from the bus stop with a backpack in negative temperatures, hoping to make it in time without having an asthma attack. Today, I hated that I missed the early bus by 6 minutes because my meeting went 10 minutes over, and I don't think things will improve on Tuesday when I have to take the 6:35 to make an 8:00 meeting. That's not to mention the 337.50 DKK (about $62) I forked over for a 10 transfer pass earlier this week.

Despite all of this, I don't really mind the bus ride itself. I can usually have my own row, and it's quite cozy since I learned to sit on the right side of the bus to avoid the draft when the back door opens. Sometimes, I even wish I could stay on the bus, but I suspect this is strictly a cold weather phenomenon...

A snowy morning on my walk from the bus stop to the office.

These Doc Martens Mary Jane's are for walking. I change into my nice shoes at work. Boots would be a bit more practical, but being an impractical girl with 2 cars, my boots have 4-inch heels.

I walk way down to where you can sort of see a sign up on the left. The sidewalk ends there and I walk another 1/8 mile while trying not to get hit by a semi.

The bus stop to go home is at the sign, they do not plow it! The other day, I thought the bus was at 16:42, but it was at 16:47. Luckily my French friends saw me shivering ankle deep in the snow and rescued me. It's cool to know that I have friends here :)

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