more house hunting

My crystal ball tells me you're going to get very tired of this topic ;)

Last night, I looked at this stunningly modern flat; fabulous visual design, but not very practical or comfortable...

In the "plus" column, it had a gas cooktop, which is pretty much unheard of in Denmark, and it had a fancy built-in cappuccino machine. But, it had very little storage and counter space, and the gas stove was powered by propane tanks, which is more of a hassle than I'm willing to deal with.

I loved the bathtub, and not many places have them, but the showerhead is above that chair, and that means I'd need to dry the floor everytime I shower, and that's not something I'm willing to deal with in this price range.

I loved the terrace, but I was not psyched about sharing a yard with the downstairs neighbor who was the one who renovated and currently owns my prospective flat. I'd prefer to buy from someone who will let go and move on.

There were other issues, too. The ceilings felt very low, and there weren't any closets. It's common here to not have closets, but the rooms were too small to comfortably accommodate freestanding wardrobes. The apartment doesn't have a parking space, and it's a bit out of the town center with a not so pretty view, all of which do not bode well for its resale potential.

I really see myself in a vintage property with high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, and large windows, but this place was so striking that I just had to check it out.

Tonight, I'm going to try and borrow a car so I can see a 1915 storybook house bordering a forest preserve 7 km outside of town. It looks like everything I could dream of in a house... but I would need a car in order to live there.

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