My offer on the dream flat was accepted!!! A mason confirmed that the cracks in the foundation were normal for a 1907 building and of not any structural concern, and the seller has agreed to fix all of the other issues in the inspection report, leave some of the fixtures and furnishings I liked, tile the laundry room floor, replace the cellar door to the outside, and build me a little storage space for my bike!

That's not really my new home, I'm just goofing outside the hotel in Copenhagen last week. That's my camera bag.

So now, comes the tricky part. In order to buy the place, I need permission from the Danish government. I don't have a Danish bank account, and I can't get one until I have a tax number, which I can't get until I have a work permit, which I can't get without a final contract, which has taken forever and a day.

I'm leaving Denmark tomorrow and I'm meeting with a mortgage broker this afternoon. My Danish contract starts May 1, which is also the scheduled closing date on the apartment. I'm drowning in details and logistics and it seems like like it's going to take a miracle to get all of this lined up from halfway around the world.

I didn't post photos of the dining room last time, so here you go...

The doorway to the living room has original pocket doors.

It's perfect!!!

Did I mention how much I love the countertops?
And it has underfloor heating!!!

I'm trying to stay calm and keep my eye on the prize. And what a prize it is! Aside from not having a clawfoot bathtub, this place is pretty much exactly how I pictured my Danish home!

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