It's in the city. It has a parking space, a storage shed, and a secret garden. It has a non-scary basement, high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, and a woodburning stove. It felt like home as soon as I walked in, but Google translator tells me there are some issues with the inspection report...

I love, love, love this kitchen! The counter on the left is heavy butcher block and the counter straight ahead is made of a beautiful heavy, rustic, almost slate material. It's got a wall oven, plenty of storage, and underfloor heating!

The bathroom is modern, yet classic. I love the exposed brick, the giant sink, and the huge shower area. It has plenty of storage, underfloor heating and a heated towel rack! I don't even mind that it doesn't have a bathtub.

I could paint this room Raspberry Truffle and be very happy here! It's a huge space and the windows and high ceilings make it feel even more so. The doorway at the end has original pocket doors and leads to a nice dining room with large windows and a french door. The wood-burning stove takes the heating cost down to almost nothing and it was quite cosy even on a frigid February day.

The yard is completely secluded from the street, the house, and neighbors. It already has raised garden beds, and with fairy lights in a country where the summer sun doesn't set until late at night, it would be a beautiful space for entertaining and relaxing.

I was ready to make an offer, but once I started translating the inspection report, I decided to hold off. There might an area with water damage and there may be some electrical issues. It seems that roof is not in great shape, but this property is at the bottom of my price range and I have a friend who can hook me up with a cheap roof guy.

I had a Danish speaking friend look at the report, but I really need a native speaker to interpret it because it's hard to understand the nuances of the language. I don't know if these are major issues or minor issues, but the house was built in 1907, and it's near the sea, so I don't expect it to be in perfect condition. I'd just like it to hold it's value and not fall apart from under me.

It really felt like home...

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