getting to work

This morning, in order to make an 8:30 meeting, I caught the 6:35 bus.

I was up at 5 am, and started walking to the train station around 6:15, in the snow. I was having a good hair day when I left and normally I'd have gone back for an umbrella, but Danish busses aren't known for their punctuality in either direction, so I sacrificed my hair in order to make the meeting ontime. Someday, I will remember that I don't have a car and need to pay attention to the weather before going outside.

After 40 minutes or so of riding in the dark, I got off the bus into the freezing cold morning and hiked to my office, which was about another 10-15 minute walk. It was icy. There were no sidewalks for part of the way, and I was thinking it might be a good idea to get a blinking vest or something so I don't get rundown by a truck.

Through all of this, I was looking forward to calling it an early day at work and taking the 15:42 home, but opened my inbox to find a meeting invite for 15:00. So, I will do the reverse trip close to 5 PM and likely not get home until after 6. Exhausted.

So, this morning I got my first true glimpse of the reality of my life in Denmark, without a car. As an American, I've lived an easy and somewhat spoiled life, but that's ok, I really want to live in Europe...

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