berlin: the food

Being an organized chick, I'd mapped out the best veg-friendly options in each Berlin neighborhood ahead of time. Not necessary!!! For four blissful days, I lived life on the fly, dining on falafel, pastries, and hot cocoa as the mood struck me.

It started at the Mauerpark flea market. The flea market itself was a disappointment, and not worth the cross city trek in frigid temperatures, but man, did I find the best falafel there! Not even having to eat it standing up in a crowded market with one napkin while wearing a camel colored cashmere coat could dampen my joy! After that, I declared Berlin "falafel city" and pledged to eat as much falafel as possible during the course of my stay.

Berlin is filled with fabulous "Doner Houses" which sell various versions of kebabs and falafels for insanely low prices. This giant falafel sandwich was only 2.50 EURO (about $3.60 USD)!

So for 4 divine days, I walked around the city stuffing myself on falafel.

The runner up to the flea market falafel was ArabBelly, located on Bergmann Strasse, an artsy area of the city full of cafes, bars, and overpriced secondhand shops.

The falafel was delightfully seasoned and the perfect texture, but the sandwich was a bit on the small side and had I not just eaten the worst falafel of my trip a few blocks before, I'd have ordered another one. I'm shameless.

Believe it or not, I also had a delicious falafel at the Alexa Shopping Mall food court. Unfortunately, the food court was crowded for me to do a photo shoot with it, but if you're ever offered feta, and garlic sauce instead of tzatiki, say "yes please", even if you think it's a little weird.

Another thing to love about Berlin is that you can go to a cafe and have a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream for 1.50 EURO (about $2.15 USD)!

And pastries like this for 1 EURO (about $1.40 USD)! This was called a mandelschnittel... it was buttery, almondy, and delicious :)

More photos (and commentary) are coming, but really, what's more important than food?