winter commute

Word on the street was it rarely snows in Denmark. So, imagine my surprise when I walked outside in my fishnet tights and little pink shoes to discover a full on snowstorm!

Skipping the workshop I traveled here for wasn't an option, so I changed into a less stylish, but more sensible outfit and set out on the snowy roads in my very safe and solid (not!) Ford Fiesta.

It took me two and a half hours to drive about 30 kilometers, a drive that normally takes 20 -25 minutes. Traffic was bumper to bumper, mostly at a standstill and I didn't get out of third gear.

It looks like this photo was taken at night, but it was actually shot at 7:47 am.

I hadn't noticed that I'd dropped my gloves when I got out of the car to take the photo, but the nice Danish man in the car behind me retrieved them, knocked on my window, and gave them back to me. How kind is that? I love the Danes!