I've often envied those who could create beautiful things with two needles and a ball of yarn. So, I took a knitting lesson and I've been working on this scarf in hopes of becoming one of those people...

It's nothing fancy, just row after row of the knit stitch, but it's more than I could do a few weeks ago. One of the tendons in my left hand is too short, so it aches after awhile, and it makes it difficult to hold the needle and control yarn tension properly, but I do enjoy knitting and I've already picked out my next project :), as the name implies, has been a huge help as I awkwardly hack my way through learning this new skill. The videos on this site are like having on demand knitting lessons, and the message boards are full of experienced knitters.

I started and tore out my scarf several times, but it's my first piece and it's not going to be perfect, so I've kept going, and all in all it doesn't look too bad. I'm definitely too harsh on myself, and really, I need to learn to cut myself some slack once in awhile.

I expect to bind off this weekend and start something else involving the purl stitch :)

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