Thrifted clothes are quickly outnumbering the things I've bought new! It's such a fun way to shop, plus it's inexpensive and eco-friendly, and it contributes to charity instead of shareholders!

This recent haul cost less than $25 :)

I've been calling this my "Spy Dress". For some reason it reminds me of something a hot spy chick would wear in a movie, possibly with a tan trench coat (which I also own). This is exactly what I love about thrift shopping! I'd never pay $100 or so for this new at Express, but for $11.99 why not have a little fun?

I'd pretty much never be caught dead inside Dress Barn, but for $4.99, this top looks fabulously 60's with a black mini, fishnets, and black boots!

When I first saw this Petite Sophisticate skirt, I thought "Jackie-O"! But as I scoured the racks for a top to go with it, I ended up going in a different direction. (psst... white tags were 50% off, so I scored it for $2.49!!!)

I absolutely love this top with the Jackie-O skirt, with jeans, and with many other things. It looks like a pretty, lace-trimmed white blouse under a cardigan, but it's actually one piece, and it was only $4.99!

OK, these shoes aren't thrifted, but with nude fishnets, and this necklace, they go so perfectly with the Jackie-O skirt and the faux blouse/cardigan top that I just had to post them :)

I'll be in Berlin New Year's week and can't wait to check out the thrift shops there! There's a fair amount of them, and there's even one that sells clothing by the kilo! How fun is that?

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