picnic basket

Once a week or so, I'll stop by Target on my way to work to stock up on cat supplies and soy milk. If I'm not quite ready to face a day of dealing with project issues and passive-aggressive stakeholders, I'll wander around the store in search of bargains. You really can't beat Target's clearance!

On one such recent trip, I scored this picnic basket at the bargain price of $7.49!

I couldn't believe my luck! I've been wanting a picnic basket, but the one I've had my eye on is $136, so needless to say, I hadn't quite gotten around to ordering it.

So this one isn't quite as nice, but at $7.94 vs. $136, I think it'll do just fine :)

I've been playing around with picnic menus, even though I'm not sure when I'll actually have time to go on a picnic... it'll have to be a fall picnic.

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