the final stretch

OK, so it's not really the final stretch when there are still 4 days, plus 9 or so hours in the air and a 3 hour car ride before I'm home, but it feels good tell myself it's the final stretch ;)

For whatever reason, I can't sleep more than 3 hours at a clip this trip. I feel like I'm sleepwalking, which is interesting since I've got meetings where people are expecting me to be awake, sharp, and full of insightful thoughts. Hopefully I don't look as awful as I feel, or sound as incoherent as I fear.

Here's a little piece of my week, it's a page from inside the menu at one of the pizza places in the town where I'm currently imprisioned:

OK, I get that "sharing your food is not allowed," but why would hoarding of menus be a concern, and if it is a concern, why would children be excluded in the first place? And are we not supposed to eat the pizza?

Anyway, this made me smile. Unfortunately, the 3 hour sleep cycle has cut into my photography motivation, so this best I can do right now :(