back to denmark

This morning is a flurry of packing, cappuccino quaffing, email answering, and tying up of loose ends. The car is picking me up 12:30 and it's "company policy" for them to arrive 15 minutes early, which stresses me out because I don't like people waiting on me.

This is a long trip, 12 days, so packing has me a bit stressed out (so does spending 8 hours incarcerated in a metal tube, but I've got Xanax for that). I'm also not looking forward to being away for so long. When I come back, it will practically be fall, and it's strange to leave in one season and return in another, especially one as dramatic as fall where the air suddenly turns cool and crisp.

My home for the next couple weeks will be a room like this:

It's not bad, but it doesn't come with Egyptian cotton sheets, a husband, or 3 silly cats that make me smile no matter what's going on in my life.

Still, I'm grateful to have an amazing career with an amazing company. I'm bringing my camera gear and have made plans for dinner with friends, some sort of all night street festival, and hopefully some sightseeing. It'll be a good trip, but I can't help but feel that I change a little on each trip, none more dramatic that the one that transformed me into a vegetarian.

If something interesting comes up, I'll post from DK. If not, I'll be back on August 29 with more recipes and simple pleasures.

Wishing you a great couple of weeks in these last days of summer :)