upcycled skirt

I love to sew and I love to re-purpose things. So, one one of my blog readers (hi, Donna!) turned me onto this skirt tutorial, I couldn't wait to give it a shot!

I tried it out using a single yard from my vintage fabric stash:

It took a bit longer than 20 minutes, mostly because I decided to hand stitch the hem, but it came out so cute! Sort of reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer, minus the $150 price tag ;)

It's more flattering than I expected. The fullness gives it a nice retro look, but I think I'll narrow the next one a bit through the hips.

I've been scouring the thrift stores in search of more vintage fabrics and clothing that can be upcycled, I can't wait to sew more of these!

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