new mudroom curtains

I mentioned last week that I was sewing curtains for my mudroom. I finished them today and what a difference $8.99 and a few hours can make!

Here's the door with a valance I half heartedly reappropriated from somewhere else in the house. It had been like this for longer than I'd like to admit...

And now, with the new curtains made from 2 yards of cotton quilting fabric and tie-backs made from my scrap pile:

I think I'd prefer the curtains a tiny bit longer, but there's no way I'm re-mitering the corners to gain an inch of length! (or maybe there is)

All in all, they turned out pretty well...

Now maybe I can talk my husband into fixing his sloppy edging job (I know you noticed!). In the meantime, take it from me... you're better off painting trim first, then walls ;)

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