clothesline lesson

The other night, relaxing in my favorite pink Victoria's Secret yoga PJs (bought on clearance, of course!), I felt something crawling on my shoulder. I brushed it away, but didn't see anything.

Convinced that I wasn't imagining things, and determined to find the creepy crawly critter that had taken up residence, I promptly tore off my top in the middle of the kitchen. Still nothing. Weird.

After I was sure that my top was critter free (and that I was maybe losing it), I noticed a huge wood spider upside down on my counter, kicking all 8 of its nasty little legs in the air. Yikes!!! It still gives me the shivers!

This experience has taught me a valuable lesson and now I'm sharing it with you:

If you line dry your laundry outside, be sure to shake it out very well before folding and putting it away.

If you don't, you risk running a boarding house of sorts for big, scary spiders with eyes...and possibly giving your neighbors a free show ;)

Ah, the domestic nuances some of us were never taught!

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