starting seeds

The last frost date is in sight! Actually, my last frost date isn't until May 26, so it's not really in sight, but the zone 5 planting calendar says I should get a move on.

This is my first year trying to start everything from seeds, so I'm using Bio Domes. Instead of worrying about getting the soil just right, I planted the seeds in these grow sponges. Then they'll hang out in little greenhouse-like things until they germinate.

I ordered most of my seeds from They have a reasonably priced organic selection, and only sell non-GMO seeds. With them, there's no chance of unwittingly planting a Monsanto frankenfood garden :)

I seeded 120 plants, mostly veggies and herbs, and some stock, lavender, and marigolds.

Soon I'll begin the delicate dance of direct sowing outdoors. When exactly is "as soon as soil can be worked" and how do I know when the "soil temperature is warm"?

I set the bio domes on top of a heat mat, which is on top of a piece of insulation board. Once the seeds germinate (how's that for optimism?), I'll add a grow light.

How many plants will I get out of these two little trays? Stay tuned for a seed watch '09 update...

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