hello from denmark

I'm still recovering from losing a night's sleep. It'll be awhile before I pay back that deficit.

So far, my week has been hotel, office, hotel, office, hotel, office...you get the idea. I did go out on Sunday in search of photo ops, but didn't come up with anything worth posting.

I'm starving at the moment. I've consumed nothing today, except a gallon or two of Danish black coffee. My diet so far this week has consisted of croissants, yogurt, pizza, french fries, lots of black coffee and a respectable amount of red wine ;-)

Rumor has it that tonight, I'm going to a Mexican restaurant, I hope the rumor is true. I also hope that someone else in my group magically learns how to drive a stick shift Peugeot so I don't have to. Fat chance of that happening.

Well, it is hump day and that usually fills me with a joy only rivaled by that which I feel on Fridays. This week, it just reminds me that I've got another 2 long, boring days in the land of clouds and herring, and another inhumanely long travel day ahead of me. *sigh*