more playa mujeres

The blessing and curse of digital photography is the volume of photos I find myself sifting through. I've finally gone through all of them and have a few more to share...

I've been struggling with what to do decor-wise in my home office and was inspired by the colors in this room. My palatte with be cream, gold, and purple. Elegant, modern, gorgeous!

The Martini Bar, where they made the most delicious gin fizzes
(and mango martinis)

The lazy river that ran through the resort.

It was freezing cold :(

The beautiful Mexican moon.
(how Concrete Blonde!)

The seemingly endless stretch of undeveloped beach.

Paparazzi caught me on my way to cocktail hour.
(this is the most you'll probably see of me)

I promise my next post will be back on topic! There are garden plans, seed starting, sewing projects, and lots and lots of new recipes...