favorite things - my sewing space

I'd been dreaming of a window seat for this delightful little nook in my bedroom, but it turned out to be the perfect space for my sewing table!

It's out of the way, and I'll be able to look out at my gardens:

I've been sewing on this Singer machine since I was 12, and have been lugging it around since college. I thought it was broken forever, but my husband fixed it and now it sews like a dream.

With a couple coats of paint, my old make-up table will make a perfect sewing table.
The chair is part of a vintage Bali-Hai bedroom set I bought at auction for $70.

I recently inherited another sewing machine, a pile of fabric, and a lifetime of sewing supplies, so I've rediscovered my beloved hobby for the cost of a little paint :)

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