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Two and a half years ago, my culinary repertoire was limited to Manwiches, Old El Paso Gordita Kits, and if I was feeling really fancy, manicotti.

Then, we remodeled our ugly kitchen, and I found inspiration!

It was an early 90's cave!

We did almost all of the work ourselves. We hired a tile guy (for the good of our marriage), and a granite fabricator (because we had to).

The old cabinets were solid wood and still had plenty of life left in them, so we refinished and reconfigured them. Yay for reusing and keeping things out of the landfill! It also helped ease my guilt about laying new walnut floors.

We learned plumbing, sheetrocking, electrical, how to lay a wood floor, how to install french doors, and how to install and vent an industrial hood. After the hard stuff was done, I sewed roman shades for the windows.

It took us over 2 years of nights, weekends, holidays, vacations, and stress to get this far. We're still missing the crown moulding, and we need to replace the cabinet hardware, but I'm calling it "finished" for now.

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